Oklahoma is fortunate to be at the energy crossroads of America. The energy producers in our state and those companies that support them are some of the most innovative and valuable in the world. From the natural gas plays throughout the Midwest to the petroleum reserves, so abundant in our country, Oklahoma and its energy producers are vital to America's future.


ETI-Oilab exists as a support resource for these companies and agencies. Employing ASTM and API approved methodology, our analysts provide data that assists our clients in measuring their environmental impact, ensuring the efficiency of their processes and determining the quality of their product. Our testing services cover a wide range of petroleum products from crude to refined oil products such as gasoline, fuel oils and a host of others. Below is a list of some of our more frequently requested analyses. With many more available, ETI-Oilab is a valuable asset to the energy industry throughout the region.



Aniline Point

Ash Content




Chlorides (Organic)

Cloud Point


Distillation (ASTM D-86)

Fire Point (Cleveland Open Cup)

Flash Point



Initial Boiling Point

FOC (Walkley-Black)




PCB'S (In Oil)

Pour Point

Reid Vapor Pressure


Total Acid Number (TAN)

Viscosity (at each temperature)

Water Content (K-F)

Weight of Sample

Lube Oil Analysis (Basic Wear Metals)

Glycol Analysis (Basic Package)

(pH, Wt.% Glycol, Wt.% Water, Fe, Cl,

Light Hydrocarbons, Specific Gravity)


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